EGB Badminton

30-Aug-2009 EGB Badminton

Organised by Jane Holdsworth of EnduranceGB

Click the links below to view the photos.

There are  pages of 48 thumbnail images, click on the thumbnail to view a larger image.  High resolution prints from these images can be purchased  by giving us a call on 07736 463458 or by eMailing us, see > here < for prices and sizes information.

Pictures can be edited and cropped, zoomed and will be brightened or darkened.  If you would like a better composition for your favourite shot, just let us know.

Images are arranged in time order, with the time in (brackets) after the image name.

We had 3 photographers, one at the start/finish, one a few fields away from the start and one just after the Arboretum.  You have several shots from each, click on the various sections below to get to the indexes.

Start / Finish 

Just after Start/Finish 

After the Arboretum